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Feb. 9, 2016


Today I felt I had been clenched my teeth and it had caused a disgusting feeling around my jaw. A Web page says it comes from stress. I wonder I've been exposed to such a situation without recognition. Need to take care of myself in case it is true. It might be possible that I were actually under a lot of stress.

Tolerability against stress doesn't show linear line, another Web page says, which has been mentioned on Twitter these days. It shows rather intermittent curves, decreasing suddenly along with the increase of stress. Those who act like there's nothing wrong under high pressure can suddenly get down right beyond the chasm.

I regard myself as comparatively tough at such a situation. However, it can be overconfidence in my capability. There's no person who don't care anything at all. I'm not an exception, of course. Looking back on myself, I have been completely into work, thinking about how I can cope with various issues even in weekends.

I should stop and reflect myself to rebalance my focus on things around me.

I cooked for the dinner after a long while today.

Feb. 8, 2016


I'm getting unconfident in my ability in terms of general context apart from the issues that I'm working on now. I might rather have to admit that I haven't been able to deal with even daily issues that is full of familiar context. It might indicate that I'm getting stuck into Peter's Law.

In fact, it may not be directly my fault, though. The importance of the part where I'm struggling may be so small in the whole that I feel a limitation on my way. However, I must admit that it is from my weakness. If I had overwhelming ability, there was no such wall in front of me.

I have a sense of inferiority to those who achieve a high outcome. Precisely saying, I don't care about anything if it is just about myself. I basically feel almost all the things are none of my business. However, there are people for whom I'm responsible, so I can't be indifferent about my lack of ability.

Just to study and act hard can mitigate the anxiety. On the other hand, I must have general skills that help me to live anywhere. Which must eventually lead to individual performance.



温又柔『台湾生まれ 日本語育ち』の流れで、言語的「越境」をしているひとの本を読んでいくシリーズ。リービ英雄さんについては名前はもちろんずっと知っていたけど、なんとなく気が向かなくて読んでいなかった。今回が初めて。


日本語を書く部屋 (岩波現代文庫)

日本語を書く部屋 (岩波現代文庫)





プラグマティズム入門 (ちくま新書)

プラグマティズム入門 (ちくま新書)

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  • 序章 プラグマティズムとは何か
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Feb. 7, 2016


Suffering from headache through the weekend, it was not productive at all. There was much time of napping to subdue the pain. I, however, started reading Introduction to Information Retrieval and finished a book on pragmatism. I wish I could read books much faster. There are much more books to be read than I can read.

I once went out to somewhere I can read a book but ended up to just walk around and back home. On that way, I stopped by a park where many people were playing, sitting together on the grass, and walking dogs. The scene reminded me of Édouard Manet's The Luncheon on the Grass, of course, there was no naked woman.

Feb. 6, 2016


Twitter is reportedly going to change the timeline strategy from time-series to interest-based one. People are expressing feeling against it, saying it is worsening the experience. Why do they tend to be hostile when a system recommends a list of items? Referring to only the Twitter case, it's due to just a change from accustomed way. However, we don't also get used to the same strategy that Facebook adopts.

What I'm actually interested in is the condition that can meet people's preference. For instance, TV news is alike to the interest-base recommendation. That is, it offers topics not in a time-series manner but by picking the facts up and summerising them. Nevertheless, people don't express discredit to the manipulation of TV. What's the difference between Web services and TV?

I think it's an essential issue how to design recommendation/personalization feature in Web services. It's important if people can be satisfied by the offer from a system or not. While they can't understand whole of the situation anyway, they want to convince themselves to be able to be aware of the wholeness. It may come from the belief in authority of experts or possibility of choice by themselves.

Granularity of information may matter; Twitter restricts a post within 140 characters, whereas Facebook doesn't. It can affect the people's perception on each services. Anyway, I'm interested in what differentiates the degree of satisfaction among the media. It's practical issues for me, as an architect working on Web services.

Feb. 5, 2016


An annual report of a certain company discouraged me, showing a high outcome with both their mainline business and additional ones from M&A. I don't know how I can achieve such an ideal result for a company which is supposed to grow rapidly. I, as a person in charge of technical things, am absolutely inferior to them, even though I'm not immediately responsible for business.

Of course, it's my responsibility to motivate people to accomplish such a big goal. However, I wonder, at the same time, if I could develop my ability on it, while I do the things that I'm working on now. There may be an unsurpassable chasm between where I am now and a ground that I ideally must be at. I'm sure that I must grow more.

I'm now working on improvement of search strategy of a service. It requires our team to learn more difficult knowledge about a theory of the domain. Thus I ordered people working for the project to read several books that provide us a basic techniques for it. It's why I started reading Introduction to Information Retrieval again.

When I read it for the first time when I had worked for the former employee, I had felt that I was not good at such a topic; I felt woefully inferior to the people who were brilliant and good at computer science. Apart from the situation, now I'm a leader of engineers and, of course, I have been experiencing many things, the book doesn't look so difficult which used to be for me.

Anyway, I read through the first chapter of the book. I'll continue to read it by one chapter at a day.

Bought two bottles of sake both of which are not diluted by water, that is, 原酒. I found, however, adjusted ones are better for me than ones that I bought today.

Feb. 4, 2016


It makes me feel uneasy when people don't use honorific language correctly. It's true, I think, when they say many Japanese can't use correct honorific language.

The people seem to be unconscious in their wrong expression. Honorific language in Japanese is based on a vertical distance between one and another one. (1) One raises up another one's position. (2) One abases themselves under another one. I observe people often perceive such a usage of language is done flatly, not indicating distance.

Also English has such a feeling of distance to express respect for others. For instance, when we want to ask someone who is unfamiliar to us to do, we say "Could you please..."; we express unobtrusiveness to others by using subjunctive mood that indicates the distance with temporal difference. It's an English manner to express respect for others.






Feb. 3, 2016


Suddenly I woke up to the fact that I had been just considering an issue only on myself. It was actually not only on me, though. How immature I am even now after some experience through practices during sort of tough time. This must have been because I was not able to correctly estimate my real ability. In fact, the surrounding people have aided me to do all the things.

You often get discouraged to find that you don't perform like what you used to be in the former environment; it indicates the fact that your achievements are owed not only by yourself but also by those who are around. Although you can't work well without the help, you tend to miss it and to have overconfidence in your ability. I heard someone said like that.

It's certain that you don't have to forget you are always facing a danger that someone would put away the ladder by which you climbed up the wall. If you only think about it, however, you are just absorbed in an obsession that prevents you from looking around and keeping familiar relationship with others. Appropriate balance is required among people.

I felt sure of myself to be well in terms of the issued above by the time when I had got to the fact. Nevertheless, I can positively take it an opportunity that helps me to grow. Jump beyond such a wall triggers certain progress.