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On Chinese Tea

I've been really absorbed into Chinese tea these days. I'm at just starting point though. Anyway, Chinese tea is simply delicious and the world it has evolved is very interesting and worth deeply pursuing. I visited some tea shop at Kyoto …


はてなブログという新サービスがリリースされたそうですね。というわけで僕も以下のURLで新しいブログを作ってみました。 よろしくお願いいたします。

PrePAN Submitted to Mashup Award 7

I just submitted PrePAN to Masup Awards 7. As they're claiming, MA7 is the Japan's No.1 web hack contest. I don't know whether it makes sense that I apply to the award, but it could be some help to announce to Japanese. PrePAN - Social Rev…

New blog service launched

Hatena Blog, yet another blog service by Hatena, Inc. based on Kyoto, Japan, has launched today! It's so simple, fast, and i18n-ready that I can start blogging in English about tech topics or some other things.