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[books] 一般意志2.0

一般意志2.0 ルソー、フロイト、グーグルposted with amazlet at 11.12.04東 浩紀 講談社 売り上げランキング: で詳細を見る

[books] 3.11後の建築と社会デザイン

3・11後の建築と社会デザイン (平凡社新書)posted with amazlet at 11.12.04平凡社 売り上げランキング: で詳細を見る

[diary] 2011-11-23 (Wed)

Today is Labour Thanksgiving day and a day off. I got up about 11. I'll give a tech talk at which is going to be held on Saturday in this weekend. I tried to start thinking about the outline of my presentation but I couldn't conc…