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My Proposal to RedDot RubyConf 2013 was Accepted

As I wrote before, I submitted a proposal to RedDot RubyConf 2013. The other day, I got a notification saying they invited me there. Yay! I'm very exciting!!1 So, I'll appear at RedDot RubyConf 2013 as a lightning talk speaker on June 7. I…


『WEB+DB PRESS Vol.74』をご恵投いただきました。ありがとうございます。 WEB+DB PRESS Vol.74作者: 井上誠一郎,奥野幹也,田中慎司,西嶋悠貴,伊藤直也,登尾徳誠,天野祐介,後藤秀宣,ヒノケン,近藤宇智朗,近藤嘉雪,渡邊恵太,堤智代,中島聡,A-Listers,はまちや…