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Vim歴15日の新参です。メモ代わりにQiitaにTipsを書くようにしました。 Vimでファイルを自動保存する - Qiita [キータ] Vimで、EmacsのC-oみたいな動作をする - Qiita [キータ] 日報をVimで書く - Qiita [キータ] Vim - Uniteで.gitを基準に検索する - Qiita…

YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2013

YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2013 was held between Sep. 19 and 21. At this year's conference, too, I enjoyed much. Thanks to all who helped the conference to be enjoyable. The talk by which I felt impressed most was @lestrrat's one, titled Fighting Le…