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Introducing another Feed Reader "Fastladder"

This post is for English-speaking bloggers. Actually, I wrote this text first to email to some website to introduce Fastladder, but I noticed it was more effective that I pasted it here. Anyway, here goes...
I really appreciate you for your posts which have been interesting and useful even for such one as me who's not familiar with both English and your culture, and I apologize for my broken usage of English in advance ;)
Now then, I've been wondering for months why you've been, so to speak, ignoring Fastladder. It is another web-based feed-reader which was launched on Jul 3 this year. It has an origin in livedoor Reader which has been offered for Japanese-speaking people since last year. Actually, Fastladder is an English-version of it.
Well, I know there have been lots of such things like Google Reader, Bloglines, Rojo, etc. Anyway, let me introduce several advantages Fastladder has over other feed-reader apps, and, trust me, I don't have any relations with the things around it. I'm just one of the users of it. I'm just only eager to want people to get to know the real, great thing.
It's *fast* as the name shows. Speed is the most important aspect for such apps.
I used to love Bloglines before livedoor Reader, Japanese-version of Fastladder as I mentioned above, came to the world. In that days, Google Reader hadn't been yet. Bloglines was, honestly speaking, dead slow. In my opinion, it's also applicable even to Google Reader. I was forced to be tolerant, because there hadn't been any alternatives in web-based feed-readers world.
As soon as livedoor Reader was launched, I found it was what I had been looking for, and went straight to use it usually. I had been reading 500 or more feeds with Bloglines, but it was just impossible to do that, so entries to read only piled up and I just blow off many of them. Now, I usually read more than 1,000 feeds with livedoor Reader.
Yes, Fastladder enables us to easily read even 1,000 or more feeds!
It is built by utilizing lots of JavaScript techniques to realize its fast behaviors based on fast policy on UI designing. Web-based apps are naturally diffrent from desktop apps. That is, the former should be created in the different way against the latter.
What I'd definitely like to mention here are pre-fetching feeds and rendering entries lazily. When you focus some feed to read, Fastladder automatically do pre-fetching another next feeds in advance. Due to it, we're not forced to be in idle at all, while the next feed are loading. In addition, Fastladder firstly renders only the head of the entries, then, after a while, does the rest of them. By that, you can get what you want to read much faster without waiting for any time.
Here, I'll list the remarkable features it offers:

  • Diverse views: Fastladder supports many kind of views such as sort by category, title, number of subscribers, freshness, numbers of unread entries, rating (described below), etc. They're for diverse purposes of diverse people, and diverse occasions.
  • Rating: Thanks to the feature, you don't need to hesitate to subscribe to any feeds which get to you, even if you would wonder if you'd like to read them continuously. For instance, I read only high-ranked feeds on weekdays, and rest of them on holiday. Rating feature provides you a flexible way to read much more feeds efficiently.
  • Well-designed keyboard shortcut navigations: Others apps also has similar feature to it, but Fastladder offers such more sexy features as described below, which, of course, we use via keyboard shortcut keys.
  • Stacking entries to read later on: Fastladder calls it "Pinning". You can pin on and stack entries you'd like to read later on by entering "P" key. To enter "O" key opens all of that stacked entries at the same time. It's very useful when you want to pore over that entries not on the reader but on those pages.
  • And so on...

Well, Just try it!
I'm not convinced of whether I could let you recognize the advantages of Fastladder by my pure skills of English at all. But I believe that my real passion must get you through.