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Merits on Blogging

There's a routine activity at my company, which we give a short speech in front of all the members of our company at morning meeting, rotating among each of us. Today, it was my turn. I talked about blogging on daily activities. I brought 3 merits below:

  • Just recording daily activities is useful for future and what the most interesting for ourserlves.
  • Posts are simply piled up, which makes us satisfied.
  • To write something, even though it would be exactly trivial, helps us to evolve ourselves.

All life is worth reading if only it's written by someone somehow. I believe anyone has something to be read. I wanna say any of us has something to write about in our daily life. Nothing is boring to read. Our experiences in our life are unique and have some worth for someone. We quit thinking there's nothing to write on.

I strongly recommend you to write anything about your life if you would think it's trivial for you, which mustn't be so for someone.