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I started learning Italian from today. There's a story about this.

Even if social networking systems would evolve and support so complicated faculties that we can control whom we make friendships with and show posts to, we can't avoid collapse of the system socially; If only a person doesn't know well about the details of the system or intentionally violates the rule, our secrets are easily slipped out the friends' circle. It's not system's fault but human being's.

I came up with an idea that I write blog posts in multiple languages according to who I want to read. Most Japanese can read texts in English but don't bother to read them. Just writing in English can be some defense against so many people that I can write blog posts at the same space saving my privates. Of course, that's not perfect at all. I have to learn some other language for perfection. I started learning Italian for that reason, though any languages make sense (it's just my favor).

Anyways, it's fun to learn some new things. I want to write blog posts in Italian as soon as possible. I've memorized a few Italian words, though. Ciao :)