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[diary] 2011-11-16 (Wed)

This morning, I was woke up by her blaming me on something like that I forgot her bag at a bar which we went to yesterday. She's been using the bag for her lunchbox these days. I was complained about that so many times that I escaped from her house earlier and went to work.

Today is the day I must pay for so-called "technological debt". There're piled-up things I must deal with; things to be tested, inefficient implementations, unimplemented specs, etc. It was the time I did because I have to do with those things some day in the near future. Till the time the day changed to the next, I worked on those things but not finished at all...

I was writing on my daily things/thoughts at the other blog but I'm going to do that here if possible. Today's post is sort of a test. I'm wondering whether I can continue writing blog posts everyday in English or other languages except Japanese. Well, I'll try it here, anyways.