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[diary] 2011-11-17 (Thu)

Today was a terrible day. I hardly finished a task to be done. I'm so bad at implementing UI... I have to study and establish some efficient way to do with those things. UI Implementation itself is not so difficult. What so hard is architectonics between UI parts (DOM structures) and JavaScript code. I don't hate JavaScript at all but rather like it as a language. I haven't get used to kind of a manner to treat DOM structures and the codes separating each other.

Some colleagues of mine went to a seafood restaurant for a party celebrating the launch of Hatena Blog after today's work. I became so eager to eat oyster that I went to a supermarket to buy some. I cooked oyster gohan and boiled Chinese cabbages with poke. It's been colder day by day these days. I want the things like those; easy-to-cook but definitely delicious.

Well, I'm so tired that I should go to bed earlier than usual. As soon as I submit this post, I'll crawl up to bed with Kindle to read a book on Steve Jobs and then fall into asleep sometime.