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[diary] 2011-11-19 (Sat)

Since I hadn't reserved a lodging I would stay at the night, I searched Rakuten Travel or other sites for it, resulted in nothing. It was very troublesome. It became the time I should go out for Tokyo and would be there in time. I went out from my home without any prospect of the night.

I managed to be in time at the place where one of my best friends, id:eureka, would hold his marriage party. It was in the central and very fashionable area of Aoyama, Tokyo. Once I got loose and I saw there was sacai's directly-managed store which I had been wanted to go to. The site of the party itself was also very neat.

There're tens of people including families of the bride and groom, colleagues, and friends. Not too many people. We, groom's friends that we had been to school with, were at the same place. Some of them, I met for the first time after we graduated from school.

The party was so excellent that my eyes became almost filled with tears. We have been a friend from when we were at the same kindergarten. We often gathered to his house, went out for drink, discussed many things especially from when I had went back our home town after graduating university. I never thought he could get married with such a nice, smart and cute lady because he's sort of a fool man. Anyway, congratulations!

After the party, we went to a pub named Takagura at Shinjuku Nicho-me where we could have some dishes of our home town. It made me feel something nostalgic. I found Takakura, spirits made from brown sugar, is really nice. We chatted till the time the last train would come. I had a great time meeting them after long time. Thanks for them, too.

I didn't have any plan about a place where I could sleep. I wandered around here and there, making tweets continuously from iPhone. It was something fun to get lost at where I didn't know almost anything. After having done so in hours, finally I got a bed at some internet cafe.