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[diary] 2011-11-20 (Sun)

I fell asleep at 4 or 5 because I was reading Jobs book by kindle and got up at 10. I went to Ochanomizu and walked down to Jinbo-cho where I used to often visit to buy used books with my all salary earned by parttime works. When I wander around the streets in the town, I felt some nostalgic feelings.

Yesterday, あいつん @orzccc emailed to me, since he got to know I was in Tokyo at Facebook, that a theater company which he's been taking part in would give a drama performance at Shinjuku, which he would appear on stage. The company named ツイゲキ is sort of strange. All the members, actors, actress and even backyard staffs, are recruited via Twitter. They consist of half-and-half professionals and amateurs. Sounds very interesting. I went for seeing that to Shinjuku today.

The drama titled MAJIME was kind of a comedy. There were many erotic and nonsense jokes. Honestly saying, I was anxious about the drama at first because I don't like erotic jokes which tend to be just boring if played by non-talented people. As time passed by, I was really absorbed into and laughed at the stage. The actors/actresses give us so nice performance. Besides, the story also was entertaining. あいつん played sort of a bad boy role. I know he is so nice and polite guy that his playing was astonishing, that is to say he played very well, I think.

Then I went to ICC, a museum mainly on media art, to have a experienced with a work of Keiichiro Shibuya + evala. I was lead to a room and locked. The lights were turned off. Loud noise and lightning flashes started attacking my eyes and ears. I was there in 3 minutes when a museum staff called me to go out. I wanted to be there more longer. It was a fun experiment for me.

I also walked around other works and enjoyed some of them especially promotion.

I went back to Kyoto by Shinkansen. I was so exhausted without realizing that I was almost asleep at the train. Every after I visit Tokyo, I feel I'm full of motivations. I want to go there once in a month if I could.