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[diary] 2011-11-23 (Wed)

Today is Labour Thanksgiving day and a day off. I got up about 11. I'll give a tech talk at which is going to be held on Saturday in this weekend. I tried to start thinking about the outline of my presentation but I couldn't concentrate on it at all in my room. I went out to take a lunch and change my mood.

I went to a bookstore as usual and bought a book by Ryuji Fujimura who is an architect I have been interested in these days. Then I headed to Teramachi-dori to take a look at electronic parts I could use for Arduino. As I haven't known almost nothing about that, I hardly understand how those piled-up parts make sense. I'll retry after some study about electronic things...

I had a lunch at a beer bar named Munich. Of course, I ordered a mug of beer, too ;)

Writing slides is always kind of difficult. I want to try some new approach. It's a little laborious but I want to be a more better presenter because I need some efficient skill to express myself and persuade others with my talk for my lifelong career, I guess. It's big one of lacks on me. Getting tired to do so, I wrote some codes for Arduino and read a book I bought today. The slides are on a 1/3 way to be completed. I'll do it much more harder after tomorrow... There's only a few days till the meeting, though.