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Tech talk at #kansaipm 14 #14, tech talk meeting about Perl-related things, was held at the office of Hatena, Inc. today. I also told about so-called "realtime web" and how our company had done with it; integrated notification across our whole services (Hatena::Notify) and supporting APNs (Apple Push Notification Service). The slides is here:

Since I forgot bringing my iPhone when I stood in front of audience, I couldn't recognize how long time was remained (Keynote's speaker's note screen doesn't work well for me I don't know why...) and couldn't give detailed explanation on codes. So regrettable. There have been many things left to improve yet.

I gave an extra talk in LT on HTML::ValidationRules which I made with id:wakabatan.

Many thanks to:

  • @kazeburo for appearing by courtesy of JPA. His talk on infrastructures of livedoor's services and CloudForecast was really interesting for me.
  • staffs for operation of the meeting. Today's meeting is the best ever, I think.
  • Audience for carefully listening to the talks and raising many questions which made today's meeting really exciting.

I'm looking forward to meet you at #1 next ;)