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Kindle Fire - First impression

Kindle Fire finally reached me today. I've been really looking forward to it these days.


I'll write on some impressions on the device below.


  • I've been using 3rd generation of Kindle to read some books in English for months.
  • I don't need fully-featured tablet because I'm totally satisfied with iPhone 4S + HTC EVO as mobile devices and MacBook for work and home-use.


  • I got it for 18,000 yen from a colleague of mine who wrapped up our orders to import the devices. It's inexpensive enough to try easily.
  • Kindle Fire looks nice and works quickly enough for the cost.
  • The weight, about 412g, is a little too much to hold by one hand long time.
  • Pop-up of word definition by touching is really neat! I've wanted the feature long time!!1
  • Store is enabled almost for US-region so far; I can't purchase anything but books. Even App Store doesn't permit me for downloading.
    • But, it doesn't matter for me because I just want to read books written in English by Kindle not to listen to music, watch videos and so on.
    • Amazon Cloud Player would change the world if it's provided for all over the world.
  • You'll be given a mail address to upload your own PDFs to the cloud and can manage them at Amazon site. It's very useful. Of course, you can also upload documents to the device directly via USB.
  • I couldn't recognize Silk made Web browsing faster indeed.
  • Just for the purpose of reading, Kindle Touch must be far more appropriate.


You probably don't want to buy Kindle Fire if you're in out of US-region. It's just for those who like something new so far. Yeah, no doubt, I'm the one of those, and then I want also Kindle Touch now ;)