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[diary] 2011-11-26 (Sat)

We held a meeting about Perl language, 14th, at the office of Hatena, Inc. on Saturday. I've already written about my presentations I gave there:

It was the most successful meeting ever, I think.

After that, we, id:motemen, id:wakabatan, id:hakobe932, id:shiba_yu36 and I, went to a beef barbecue restaurant "錦へんこつ" for dinner. We talked mainly about, yet another local Perl community which id:shiba_yu36 would newly start up as a leader in next year. I assure you can expect it to be fun, too.

It was sometime near the midnight when I got up from a short nap and went to METRO for ATAK Dance Hall. I had been looking forward to the event, especially Keiichiro Shibuya and evala. I hadn't have an experience with them directly at live performance and had wanted to see them long time.

Their performance was, I don't have any pertinent words to say about that, anyway, the best live performance ever I've been at. They kept fueling audience throughout that performance all with sound explosion. We were moshing so roughly that it finally became something like a riot.

After that, I was chatting with Sachiko and Risa at the counter till the close. I backed to home at 6 and fell asleep soon.