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[diary] 2011-11-27 (Sun)

I got up afternoon and found I had a hangover and felt my legs really exhausted after the dancing at last night. But, since I wanted to go to Osaka to follow Keiichiro Shibuya who would play music as DJ JIMIHENDRIXXX for PROGRESSIVE FOrM 10th Anniversary today, I headed to there.

Attacked by the sound, I forgot my tiredness from yesterday and started dancing again. I heard DJ JIMIHENDRIXXX, evala, c/o, Inner Science, Ametsub and RADIQ (Yoshihiro Hanno) here and there (the dance halls are split into two for whole the event). I got excited especially with Yoshihiro Hanno's play who I've liked very much from long time ago and had actually saw for the first time.

We went out there at about 23 and backed to Kyoto by Hankyu train. I had a really nice time in the weekend. Thanks a lot to people with that time together.