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[diary] 2011-11-30 (Wed)

After work, I went to a restaurant which is one of the best for me in Kyoto. I don't remember how many times I had dinner at the place. They set up definitely delicious dishes whenever I go there. Nonetheless, it costs not too expensive in comparison to the quality. I love the restaurant so much that I don't want to tell anyone that. Today, I had sashimi of amberjack, see eel with cucumber, fried kakiage of prawns and so on, drinking 3 bottles of sake. I felt really happy and got relaxed.

I backed home at 23 pm. and soon went to walk around out there with that for routine. Called by someone, I was forced to be apart at another room. It lasted in about 30 minutes while I was browsing the Web by iPhone. It must have been so terrible that the night seemed to get more excited than usual as sort of a compensation. I fell asleep soon after that.

Everytime I think it would be good for me that I get that with that after the meeting but it tends to be forgotten whenever I got up at morning. It seems the same also for that.