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[diary] 2011-12-04 (Sun)

JavaSctipt + DOM still bug me today. I tried to make the code better and there have been many things left to be done, yet.

At 18, I went to an exhibition of Shun Kawakami held at ANTEROOM Kyoto which I had wanted to visit for months and I used this good opportunity. Shun Kawakami does mixing of the West, some orientalism and artistic narrative, and the East, composition and some elements stolen from Japanese traditional things. All of his works I could see there used so-called "間 space" effectively and looked neat.

Several works/things I got interested in:

  • Cut-up of drawing of town planning of Kyoto
  • Collages of Japanese map forming some number. I came up with an idea: it would be cool if there was a map based on informational distance not physical one. I guess it shows more realistic differences between urban region and rural one.
  • Shun Kawakami said that Ikebana is kind of a collage. It was a new insight for that and interesting.

And then a talk session by some people succeeded the our browsing the works with the artist's comments on his own works. Honestly saying, I got a bit bored. I wanted to hear some details around the working process, but I got slightly tired and exited from there to go to have dinner.

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