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[diary] 2011-12-10 (Sat)

It was at about 16 when I had a lunch and then went to the office. Kurage-san was there and we talked about his current projects about blog design. He's always thinking of design-related things. I admire him from my heart. We had been chatting for 3 or 4 hours when he went out from the office. I talked to him about my recent idea that could help us to do well with long-run creating process. It could cost too much but would be worth some try.

As I talked too much and got tired, I ended up working on some codes and went to have a dinner to Osteria Tempo which is one of the best Italian restaurants for me.

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These days, I had been wondering if I should buy Nintendo 3DS with Mario Cart 7. It was a buzz among my colleagues and looked so fun. I loved the game played much once before. I successfully could subdue my impulse to get it the other day, but I happened to buy it this time with no particular reason. It was due to the moon eclipse today, I guessed.

ニンテンドー3DS コスモブラック
任天堂 (2011-02-26)
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任天堂 (2011-12-01)
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Yes, total lunar eclipse occurred at the night. It looked kind of ominous rather than beautiful.