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[diary] 2011-12-11 (Sun)

Today, I went to Nakanoshima, Osaka to see an exhibition, Ways of World Making, at The National Museum of Art, Osaka, especially to watch youpy's performance. But when I arrived at the place, it already had been full of audience and I couldn't enter the floor. I didn't expect such situation at all...

With a new attitude, I began to watch the works around. I got interested in the works of exonemo, Kengo Kitoh 鬼頭健吾, and Teppei Kaneuji 金氏徹平. exonemo's work, "got exists", is really impressive. They used some technologies, Twitter, windows application and even Google IME, to fake up a fictitious existence and it was really funny.

After that, I headed to Umeda with no idea but I was starving and wanted some. I wandered around and finally had a bowl of ramen at somewhere I didn't know. It was not so bad.

Soon after I backed at Kyoto, I went straight to Elephant Factory Coffee for something hot and read Jobs book with Kindle from I stop reading before. It was at about 25% of whole the book. It has been taking too much long time to read English book. It's hard to get accustomed to that yet.

Suddenly, I was caught by some melancholic mood while walking out there; I had gotten nothing done yet even as I became such old. It could be I were in some usual happiness. Why did the things become what they have been now? Anyway, I have to, first of all, take it seriously and to work/study hard to get things done.