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[diary] 2011-12-12 (Mon) - Turned 35

It's my 35-year-old birthday, today!!1 You can send some to me via the link below:

I say "thank you!" in advance :)

Joking aside, 35 is kind of a special number; it's said that age is a limit for programmers. I know I haven't acquired enough skills as a good programmer/engineer at all, yet. Such a tail doesn't make any sense for us in current era, however, I'm convinced it's obvious I have to get some other things, too. I'll continuously struggle to make myself better at my profession.

On personal things, I'll promise myself to...

  • Avoid drinking as far as possible. Basically, I won't drink except for at some inevitable situation, for example, when dating with girl.
  • Continue studying foreign languages; to go on writing this diary, read more with Kindle, etc.
  • Save money for future. I have no money. Give me money, please.

It seems I have sworn the same things on every my birthday, though ;)

This year, I was said "congratulations!" by many people via Facebook. I felt really grateful for that. Many thanks to those guys! I love you!!1 And I want to say so especially to id:kina for sending me a nice present.