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[books][diary] 2011-12-19 (Mon) - Two Books


Today, an Alice book was sent by ami-san (@am16g) to me for my birthday! I felt very grateful to it, again! When I attend her marriage party held in May, this year, I got dead drunk and behaved too much loosely. I'm sorry for that even now..., but it was really fun, though ;)

I ordered one more book, Project Japan, from and I received it today. I have been deeply concerned with Metabolism, a Japanese architectural movement in 60's, especially for last months. There has been kind of raising of interests in Metabolism as you can see at a large-scale exhibition which has been held at Mori Art Museum, a book on Metabolism, Metabolism Nexus, written by Hajime Yatsuka released in this year, and, of course, this book.

I can't help getting excited when I flip the pages of the book. It's indeed a really interesting book. It'll be nice time for days to read the book!!1