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[diary] 2011-12-21 (Wed) - On a Lawsuit

ITmedia reported that some of Japanese writers and cartoonists filed a lawsuit charging agencies which receive books from customers and cut up them to make them into digital are violating their copyrights. They're insisting that what those agencies are doing is clearly beyond private fair use.

I'm convinced I'll never feel any trouble if I can't read their books all through my life. Of course, it just comes from my own preference. However, I don't think at all their books are truly worth reading for us. I know there might be someone who would find some value in their books. Dare I say, they have to think of themselves more, whether their books could bring something essential to their life.

Yes, I know almost all the people who are raising some objections against the lawsuit are anxious about that it might generally result in inhibiting us from reading books freely in any ways. I think their worry is kind of tumid. Replacing paper books with e-books is inevitable trend all over the world. I don't think paper books could be lost in future at all, but want to maintain that nobody can stop the change whatever Japanese domestic writers/cartoonists would do anything.

There have been enough books around us to enjoy reading through our whole lifetime. Or, I can say we can read books which will be released in future with Kindle, even if Japanese publishers fondly wouldn't support it sufficiently. We can just read books written in English or other languages and mustn't get stuck into our mother language even at private reading.

So, just ignore those silly bullshits! What we have to do is to look into ourselves, find truly read-worthy books in our life, and actually just read them. Our life is too short to read what won't help us to be well, you know.