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[diary][books] 2011-12-23 (Fri) - Shopping and Cooking


It was 5 or so when I fell asleep because I had been reading Project Japan till that time. I got up about 12 and did some housekeeping tasks; cooking, laundry, and cleaning my room. I cooked stew with roux of my own making and vegetable soup I cooked before.


The streets are full of people who are apparently walking around for shopping. It's the Christmas and year-end shopping season.

I also went around some shops looking for a neat muffler for, sad to say, myself. On the way of that, I bought some other things: some cookwares at Mujirushi Ryohin, a bug made of Paper at Urban Research, and 2 magazines. After the shopping, I went to Elephant Factory Coffee, which is one of the best cafes in Kyoto, I think, and read more of Project Japan.


I cooked Carbonara utilizing the rest of the stew at today's lunch. I often to do so after stew. It's easy and tastes good. Then I were reading the magazines I bought today. The current issue of Kenchiku Chishiki is featuring the contents of Building Standard Act explaining by cartoon in which some high-school girls are studying and struggling to make a plan of their own house. I found the cartoon was very understandable.

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