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[diary] 2012-01-01 (Sun) - Happy New Year, 2012!

Happy New Year! I'm hoping for your and my luck in this year, too.

We're supposed to make up some New Year's resolutions at the first of the year, so here's mine, which I want to do this year:

  • I'll be able to read/write in English more fluently so that, at least, it can't disturb me from reading books and express myself freely. I'll take TOEIC exam on someday this year and get the highest score.
  • I'll learn more other programming languages than ones I did before. I need look into various things to spread my point of view for tech things.
  • I'll study and collect some technical methods to promote our communications. Those techniques must be needed whatever I'll go into. I studied some being put into practice among architectural/design industry, and then I want to use those things for us.

It turned to a new year, however, my life wouldn't change at all to wake up and soon start reading a book, 一億人の英文法. I want to look over the book in the new year vacation. I have more to do or to read. No time should be spent in vain.

Nonetheless, I have to go to my parents' place to make a New Year's greet. I had ozouni and some other foods there. It was very New Year-ish thing.