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[diary] 2012-01-02 (Mon) - The First Shopping in This Year


I went to the street for the first shopping in this year because they sell things more cheaply than usual in a few days from the first of the new year. I wanted some new shoes but found they are sold same as usual except for a bit ones, so I didn't buy anyone. To my pleasure, I came into a really neat muffler at Fred Perry's shop located in Fujii-Daimaru. I picked it up to the checkout counter immediately after I saw it. It was an almost ideal muffler for me: fat, squashy, and chic.

Since I've finished reading 一億人の英文法 at the last night, I started reading another one, 語源事典 英単語マニア, which explains many English words through etymology. It consists of authors' dialogues and includes many trivial knowledges about English language or other, so fun to read.

After dozing off for a short time, I went out again to have a dinner for Osteria Tempo to find out it was already full of people. Thus, I went to an another one at Gion. I had there antipasto all'Italiana, carbonara, and grilled deer meats. Pretty yummy!

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While having a dinner, I was reading a book I bought a little before with Kindle, Word Smart. I feel my insufficiency of vocabulary of English words, so I want to enhance that. I hope the books can help me to do it.