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[diary] 2012-01-03 (Tue) - Learning English

Today was for learning English. I planned how to study it efficiently. I'm not very good at every aspect of it; especially vocabulary, writing, and listening. I need to concentrate on those things, I think. I'll start reading some books related to each of them. The contents of those books are easy for me at a time, but can be difficult at the other time. It indicates my skill of English is so unstable that I can't make right answer anytime. Anyway, what I can is merely to continue studying. Because of that, I was reading some parts of those textbooks one after another today.

I bought some cloths at UNIQLO: sweaters, HEAT-TEC shirts, and some socks. I haven't tried HEAT-TEC yet, so I'm looking for it and expect it save me from that cold climate these days.