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[diary] 2012-01-12 (Thu) - Studying English

I've been continuing to study English for days since I decided to do so at the first of this year. I think I have to write some on this blog whatever I have done even if it can be regarded as trivial.

So, today's:

  • Bought a textbook about how to improve the skill of listening to English
  • Browsed some pages about tech-things written in English
  • Reading Word Smart till I fall asleep

I begin to feel I have to write words from the book onto a notebook so that I can memorize them. I hardly remember them though I can recognize if they appear in other books, which encourages me to learn more words!

And I thought up some twists to make myself concentrate on learning English much more eagerly, that is, to turn of Japanese IME on as many software as possible so that I'm forced to write in English instead of Japanese. To begin with, I quit using Echofon and Limechat, and started updating my statuses via Emacs. If I'll be able to prevent myself from using IME except for specific place where I have to write Japanese for work, then I can totally quit it.