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[diary] 2012-01-22 (Sun) - Books and Music

Kindle Touch really rocks, which satisfies almost all my requirement for books. I read some books with it the other days: Word Smart, a vocabulary building book, Alice in Wonderland, Eliot's The Waste Land, Edge Rails Guides, and so on. I'm now reading why's (poignant) Guide to Ruby. It's really fun to read. I want to be able to write such a tech book sometime.

We can buy Kindle edition books at There are many authors I want to read in their own language, English, not through Japanese translation. Vladimir Nabokov, Susan Sontag, Richard Rorty, etc. Besides, there are plenty of free books online. Project Gutenberg is super; they provides even .mobi-formatted version of books. Alice and Eliot which I mentioned before are gotten from there. With Kindle, we can read much enough to enjoy ourselves.

Recently, I've been impressed by Siina Ringo's works again after long years, 10 years or so. Now, too, I'm writing this, listening to her. She arouses me some nostalgia, in my youth.