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[diary] 2012-01-29 (Sun) - Books I Read Recently

I bought 道化師の蝶 written by Toh Enjoe yesterday, which is one of the winners of the latest Akutagawa Prize. I bought paper-book for the first time in some recent months, which is that I wouldn't buy books which couldn't be read with Kindle as far as possible. The novel focused on languages. Even a character, whose figure must be taken from Vladimir Nabokov, appeared. It was exactly matches my taste and I had much fun to read it.



I've been studying iOS programming these days. I read エキスパートObjective-Cプログラミング - iOS/OS Xのメモリ管理とマルチスレッド to know more details on it. It digs even GNUStep's source codes to reveal how Apple implements ARC, blocks, and GCD. It's very exciting to read. I got further knowledge of iOS programming from this book, I think.