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"Hello, Android!" by Scala

Install Dev Tools

Install scala, sbt, android-sdk by homebrew:

$ brew install scala sbt android-sdk


export ANDROID_HOME=/usr/local/Cellar/android-sdk/r16
export PATH=$ANDROID_HOME/tools:$ANDROID_HOME/platform-tools:$PATH

Install SDK:

$ android


Create AVD: Tools -> Manage AVDs:


Install android-plugin:

$ git clone git://
$ cd android-plugin
$ sbt publish-local

Install giter8:

$ curl | sh
$ ~/bin/cs n8han/giter8

Hello, World App

Create template:

$ g8 jberkel/android-app

Template for Android apps in Scala

package []: org.kentarok.myapp
name [My Android Project]: MyApp
main_activity [MainActivity]:
scala_version [2.9.1]: 2.9.1
api_level [10]: 15
useProguard [true]: true

Applied jberkel/android-app.g8 in myapp

Launch sbt:

$ cd myapp
$ sbt
> android:package-debug
> android:emulator-start <my_avd> # Your own AVD name
> android:install-emulator