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2012-02-29 (Wed) - 2012-03-02 (Fri): Dev Camp at Minami-Sanriku

This time, our company held a dev camp at Minami-Sanriku, one of the places which was devastatingly damaged by The Great Earthquake of Eastern Japan and its following big wave last year. At first, we went into the town to see how it was now and found definitely astonishing; I had thought I knew the apocalyptic situation there via TV and the Net, but It was far beyond my preconceived idea. When I saw a building which is 10 meters or so high was destructed up until its top, I realized the true power of that Tsunami.

We had a few days stay at Hotel Kanyo, which offered us various nice things; neat rooms, delicious foods, open-air bath, and so on. We all built some teams and started developing new Web services. I joined a team comprising id:sawaccio, id:tanemu, and id:Swatz, and created kind of a strange profile service. Then, yeah, we won the second prize at the voting. It was the first time I won it! Though I got really exhausted, I think we could spend sort of precious time there. Many thanks to them.