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My Father Died

Today, my father passed away; he was 57 years old.

I was called from my mother last night, saying that my father came down with burst of vessel near by his heart and he was taken to the hospital with his heart almost stopping. Doctor had been doing some life lengthening thing so that my family could come in time from Kyoto and Osaka, and see his passing away. Shortly after we arrived at the hospital, he died.

My father had been kind of a nuisance from my childhood to recent days. He had too good and fair mind toward his things to live with people around well, in a coordinated way, and not to be able to ignore unjustness; due to that sensitiveness, my family suffered from many many troubles through his living years.

Honestly saying, I hoped his early death many times in my youth. Now, he actually died, I can't help think of his living days. He had lived in Kyoto by January this year and backed to his hometown recent days. It was as if he came back there to find his place to die. He must not to feel painful so much till he actually died. I think it was lucky for him.

I feel regretful I left him by himself alone. It was actually inevitable, though. Nevertheless, I think I could do something for him. What I can do now is just to relieve my mother and help her to be happier than ever. I won't spare my effort for that.