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Business Trip to Fukuoka

In this week (7/2 - 7/7), we had a trip for business to the branch of our company in Fukuoka. The main purpose of our trip is to see and talk to our collegues who work there in face-to-face. Since @hsbt and I joined the company only 2 months ago, we actually hadn't met them offline.

We had some study meetings mainly about some methods to improve development processes, say, The Lean Startup, Agile development practices, and introduction to GitHub for non-developers. Such premises provided, we could have another meetings about how to solve our real concrete problems for each development teams.

While working on those things, we were doing our daily tasks as well. I had been doing mainly on introducing fluentd with my plugin, fluent-plugin-rewrite, to visualize HTTPD's response time to optimize it. I got some feeling to go ahead to get the problems solved.

We had some drinking parties after working; at one time, with Fukuoka.rb, at another time, with our colleagues. Everywhere we went to eat and drink was very wonderful. Everything was delicious. I was totally satisfied with all dishes in Fukuoka.

We could achieve things we were supposed to do, I think. And, yeah, I found Fukuoka was very nice place to visit. I want to visit again if I get a chance.