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Sapporo RubyKaigi 2012 #sprk2012

I went to Sapporo to attend Sapporo RubyKaigi 2012, for the first time, from Sep. 13 to Sep. 17. Since our company aims to be known as a Ruby company and have a certain presence in that community, we were supported to be there with some traveling costs, officially. I'm grateful for our company for that.

Of course, to pay the support, we gave talks, including I, there. In the entry below, I wrote about my slides of lightning talk:

What important at such a conference is, actually, not always to sit neatly and hear of someone talking, but to get acquaintance with those who're in the community and have nice time with them, I think. Obviously, I got many things from their talks, but what I got the most is, so to say, a mood of the community. Ruby community is very enthusiastic and has a sense of momentum. I'm fascinated by that, in comparison to even Perl's one.

In this time RubyKaigi, I found we had been sharing many common problems; for example, how to deal with our bloated application codes.

@ursm talked about how he got his work done by introducing some libraries, active_decorator and cells, and divide fat models into modules and codes placed in separated from models. @kakutani gave a brief introduction to DCI, then, in exact the next talk, @apotonick explained his very interesting libraries. I'll dig the topic more and want to propose some answer for that.

After the Kaigi, we had jingisukan party at Sapporo Beer-en; 20 or so people were together around a same table. It was very exciting to have talks with many Ruby guys, especially, @tenderlove, who was very polite and kind enough to reply to my question in lispy English.

I'll definitely be there if the Kaigi be held again. Thanks to all who worked for it.