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My Talk at #rubyconftw2012

RubyConf Taiwan 2012 was held between Dec. 7-8, and we, mizzy, hsbt, kyanny, tnmt and I went to Taipei to give talks. I went abroad for the first time in my life. I felt anxious for that, but my colleagues helped me so that I couldn't be into any trouble. Thanks guys :)

Here's my slides for lightning talk:

It was about to write apps keeping up with the Edge Rails. For the word "Edge Rails", I meant not only Rails itself, but also the Rails including its "eco system".

What you must know about recent Rails, you know, is not limited to just only Rails. You have to learn various libraries around it at the same time to work with Rails well. In my presentation, I introduced my experience and I hope it would be some invitation for those who hadn't lived with the Edge Rails yet.

I found Taiwan is verrrry nice place. All the people I met there were really kind exactly as I heard before I went there. The talks at RubyConf Taiwan was very enlightening for me. I made my mind to do more on hacking/learning again. Thank you Taiwan Rubyists! See you again at some next RubyConf/Kaigi!