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Business Trip to Fukuoka from Jan 28 to Feb 1

We, @hsbt, @hiboma, and I, had a business trip to Fukuoka, where our branch office is located, from Jan 28 to Feb 1. It was for the first time since September last year, and our 3rd time visit.

This time, we had a bunch of oppotunities to gather and talk to people from various professions/departments such as programmers, designers, directors, customer support, and managers. On the basis of our anual planning, we discussed how we can accelerate our business. We're preparing for big changes and going to achieve them.

We have been proving our ability to get large-scaled business done for years. For the coming years, I think, we have to get leaner and more sophisticated way of business, that is, we have to realize such thougts/practices as Lean Startup, Scrum, user-centric development, evidence-based business planning, and so on. I'd like to support my company from such an aspect this year.