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More appropriate LTSV usage and fluent-plugin-extract_query_params

In id:stanaka's blog post on LTSV, he wrote they use %r for req key to record request methods, request uri, and protocol. I think the value %r provides, for example "GET /foo/bar?hoge=fuga HTTP1.1", is not easy to treat. I'd rather propose to use the format below:

For Apache:


For nginx:


Using this format, the log will be emitted as below:

method:GET path:/foo/bar?hoge=fuga protocol:HTTP1.1

It's more convenient to do with by some unix toolkits or fluentd, isn't it? I strongly recommend you choose it.

Besides, you can use my fluent plugin named fluent-plugin-extract_query_params if you adopt the format described above.

<match access_log>
  type extract_query_params

  key                   path
  add_tag_prefix extracted.
  only                  hoge

With this configuration, the log will be emitted as below:

extracted.access_log => {
  "method"  : "GET",
  "path"       : "/foo/bar?hoge=fuga",
  "protocol" : "HTTP1.1",
  "hoge"      : "fuga"

I think this is really innovative for fluent world.