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Provisioning Frameworks Casual Talks Vol.1 #pfcasual

Provisioning Frameworks Casual Talks vol.1, hosted by @studio3104, was held yesterday at LINE Corporation. Although almost all of those who took part in the meeting seemed to be interested in Chef, I talked about my Puppet book.

In the talk, while I was promoting my book, I described what Puppet/Chef brought to us; "code" is common language among engineers, and then the slogan "Infrastructure as Code" is to introduce "laziness", one of the programmer's three virtues, into system construction.

At first, I was planning talking about Chef's LWRP, based on the experience I wrote LWRP for plenv before. But then I managed to have written the book up, so this time I decided to promote my book instead. Here slides for the unspoken talk:

At our company, Chef has been booming among developers. @banyan hosted Chef study meeting several times. I talked about LWRP using the slides above at the internal gathering.

LWRP is a bit complicated and difficult to understand. I'm glad if my slides can help you.