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"Scrum Simulation with LEGO" Workshop

We, @hsbt and I, have been holding Scrum Simulation with LEGO workshop for our colleagues, at our offices both in Fukuoka and Tokyo. Here's a photo that shows the atmosphere:

Lego Scrum

I learned it at @kdmsnr's workshop. It was so wonderful experience that I got urged to do with the colleagues of mine. No sooner had I gotten the know-how from the workshop than I suggested to the director of human resources department that we should have had our own workshop among us.

He's been really into Scrum these months since I handed him a Scrum book, アジャイル開発とスクラム 顧客・技術・経営をつなぐ協調的ソフトウェア開発マネジメント, and he worked hard to realize the workshop to be held. We're now very proud that we have progressive mind to achieve more toward the future, with new ideas such as new development processes like Scrum.