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The Tama River Cycling Road

It's been over a year since the time when I was usually riding on my bicycle. My pity bike had been left outside and was shabby-looking when I decided to get it repaired. To my surprise, it now looks bland-new after overhauling by a cycle shop. My beautiful bike has come back!

Today I rode the bike along the Tama River Cycling Road and got to the endpoint at Hamura City. The place is far from my home by about 50km. It was so hard for me that I thought I should have went back many times. The true hard thing was, however, the return path, which I got to know later. It was very far from my home and I was really exhausted. I just pedalled without any thought. To be precise, I was so tired that I couldn't think anything.

You can see the detail of the course today at this page.

It is my pleasure that I somehow was able to finish that length of long ride. I haven't ridden bike for such long distance and I don't have any usual habit to work out. I came to think again that cycling is really enjoyable. Now I'm wondering where to go next.