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"Practical Vim" Helped Me Switch to Vim

It was the 3rd or 4th time that I tried to switch to Vim from Emacs. I finally achieved the switching this time.

I'm a seasoned Emacs user who has used it for years and written some elisp plugins. For me, Vim had a high learning curve, which prevented me from getting accustomed to it. The book named "Practical Vim" helped me. It was literally "practical" rather than exhaustive.

実践Vim 思考のスピードで編集しよう!

実践Vim 思考のスピードで編集しよう!

Books on Vim tend to be exhaustive that discourage us to read through. This book focuses on the fact Vim is just effective for text editing and picks up several really essential tips along with some categories.

I can't even write codes with Vim as fast as with Emacs so far. However, time will solve it, I guess. I jumped over the first wall of learning. In addition, I switched IME to Google IME from SKK. It was, too, my longing hope.