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YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2013

YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2013 was held between Sep. 19 and 21. At this year's conference, too, I enjoyed much. Thanks to all who helped the conference to be enjoyable.

The talk by which I felt impressed most was @lestrrat's one, titled Fighting Legacy Code. I'm working on similar problems for my company and I realised indeed that I had not been able to achieve enough although I also had strong passion for that. I'll do it for our real service more (but I think PHP is much harder than Perl in terms of version-up).

YAPC is, for me, kind of "a shot in the arm" because I can always get high motivation from it. People gather from various place in Japan and even from oversea, we have fun time together to talk about technical or non-technical things, and the conference provides us very wide perspective on technical things. I LOVE people who're involved in Perl.

My career as a programmer has been helped by many Perl mongers. They have given me many advices that definitely helped me to be what I am now. If there were not the people, I couldn't have been a software engineer. It can't be too much how many times I say "thank you" to them.

Well, I guess I'm hardly supposed to write Perl code at the current workplace, I'll write PHP or Ruby codes instead, however I can say, with confidence, I got much from the conference for general technical topics.