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Got up at a little after 8 a.m. as usual and did meditation for 15 min., which is comparably shorter than usual, because I have had a sore throat these days and it itches my throat to cause me to cough. ちょっとしんどいので、薬局で咳止め買って飲んだ。

Today's schedule, too, is full of interviews to some of engineers in our company, which are to have communication with them to retrospect the 2nd half of the last year. Interviews are important opportunity also for me; I can collect vivid information from their talk and appearance, which encourage me to make a plan in this year to make this organization much more stronger.

帰宅して夕食を食べた後、読みさしてあった『情報セキュリティ―理念と歴史』の続きを読む。Kotaro Nawa, the author of the book, has so unique style in writing that I always feel difficult to read fluently his book, but 書かれていることは面白い。

So many books around there. 効率的に読んでいかないと、時間がない。It costs much to read a book within severely limited time after job, all the more reason to 専門書とかだとなお。英語やフランス語の勉強もしないとなあと思うのだけど、I have to make up some system which enforces me to study without specially high motivation.

そういや、Pierre Boulez has died today. I love his works, especially Mahler and Debussy.