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I wasn't able to stop coughing last night; that woke me up and prevented me from sleeping again for hours. そのせいで今朝はなかなか起きられなかった。Though I bought medicine yesterday, I forgot it at the office.

しかし薬を飲んだら飲んだで、咳自体はほとんど止まったのだけど、今度は体がしんどい感じになる。After I finished the tasks to be done today, I went home earlier and took a nap for an hour. The spouse made me dinner: 七草粥、鶏手羽のさっぱり煮とか。温まる感じ。けっこうたくさん食べてしまった。

Dizzy feeling continues. I was reading a book, while what I read went out from my brain at the same time. I, however, have many books to read, so I must go on.

英語ライティングルールブック 第2版 正しく伝えるための文法・語法・句読法』を読む。ちゃんとした文章を書けるようになりたい。

These days, I have been wondering how I can make people discern what I truly wanted to say. I don't think it's so difficult to understand. It just requires transition of the way of thinking: bottom-up to top-down to grasp problems from higher point of view and solve it with more comprehensive method. I've been tweaking the words and examples for my thought to encourage them to understand.