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朝方、咳が出て目が冷めたりしてたのだけど、successfully got up at usual time. Did meditation, but it went not so well, being disturbed by coughing.

This morning, honestly saying, I felt it was sort of a burden to execute today's task; it's rare for me to have such a feeling in recent years. I realized I was stressed at some degree. Need to refresh, I guess.

Started listening ESL Podcast again, on the way to the office, and found I was able to got it almost completely in spite of that I listened to it at 1.5x speed. I'm not able to understand well what native speakers are talking in natural context, though. やっぱ教材だからわかりやすいんだろうなあ。

I discussed how to increase productivity of entire company with a colleague at lunch. We need to investigate our business process and quantify the lead time of it. I resolved to do it for one of new year's goals.

After backed home, continue reading 『英語ライティングルールブック 第2版 正しく伝えるための文法・語法・句読法』。今日は語法のところ。文法についてはわかってきたけど、語法は難しいな。単に単語を知るだけでなくニュアンスが適切でないとおかしなことになる。I must read more English books to obtain real examples of vivid usage of the language.

The spouse backed home after the start of the day, being drunk heavily. I can't help feeling she's messy when she gets drunk. Well, 誰でもそんなものだろうし、特に気になるほどでもないんだけど。