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As soon as I got up at about 10:00 a.m., I started preparing to go out; I had a plan to see friends of mine at Asakusa.

Finished 英語ライティングルールブック 第2版 正しく伝えるための文法・語法・句読法 on the subway to Asakura. Since I had to kill time till we met in front of 雷門, I also finished today's newspaper at a cafe. 新聞読むのサボりがちなのだけど、I decided to make reading it every morning compulsory.

みなそろったので飯田屋へ行き、どじょう鍋。今半に行くつもりだったのだけど、電話したら満席で入れなかった。しかし、we found it was a rather good choice eventually. Had a fun time to have it. 友人らは初めてとのことだったが、美味しかったようだ。その後、ホッピー通りに出て、we continued to drink.

Three of us are at the same age and from the same place. We have been hanging out for long time. Every of us came to 関東 area one after another and we occasionally have a time to drink altogether.

店が寒くて体が冷えきってきたので、しばらく歩く。合羽橋を通って上野まで。I bought a jacket at 中田商店 at アメ横 because I hadn't been able to endure the coldness. 温かくていい感じ。しばらく服屋などを見て回ったあと、秋葉原まで歩く。店がどこもひとがいっぱいで、なかなか休憩できるところが見つからない。Finally, we found a restaurant to take a rest.

After chatting again for hours, we said good-bye at 秋葉原 Station. I thought that the next time when we see would be the next year.