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昨夜は遅くまで伊藤隆『歴史と私 史料と歩んだ歴史家の回想 (中公新書)』を読んでいたので、I got up over 10 a.m. The book was so interesting that I was reading it all day long.

I remembered the days when I was a university student. One of teachers of mine at the university was taken in the book. He was one of the author's pupils and the book said later he got insulated because he threw away works and the author had to take over it. There may be a truth from a certain aspect.

DAIGOさんという、今日はじめて知った芸能人が北川景子さんと結婚したというニュースが朝から流れていたのだけど、he also appeared in the book when the author wrote about 竹下登 and DAIGO was one of grandchildren of him. I got interested in the coincidence and read into articles about them on Wikipedia.

It's been long time since I read a book on politic. The last one, as long as I'm able to remember, was a memoir of 岸信介 which was a work by the author, too, and it was really interesting. My major in university was the history of Japanese politic and I took him up at a seminar of another professor, I remembered.


Started reading 『後藤新平の「仕事」 (後藤新平の全仕事)』 because I got interested in the modern Japanese political history again. Taiwan has been in my range of interest and he is one of the founders of modern Taiwan. 後藤新平の「成果」については、少なくとも生前は捗々しくはなかったのかもしれないが、it was because his plan was too big to realize within his life.

I think that I'm happy to have met those who criticized me when I chose a bad thing. If you ignore when you're blamed for your sense, you won't get a chance to cultivate yourself. It should be uncomfortable to hear, but I'm grateful there are such people around me.