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Business trip to Fukuoka, the day 1.

Got up earlier than usual and headed to Haneda Airport, changing trains. It was so disgusting that trains were crowded; it is absolutely ordinary situation. Since I hardly take a train, I realize with sigh every time when I'm packed into it. Moreover, "bodily injury" had occurred and it caused troubles at many train lines. Tokyo is too weak when a little trouble eventually causes such a chaos.

Had several interviews with some of engineers and found they were achieving progress in each way. I'm going to do it for days there and looking forward to discuss colleagues' outcome.

As I got tired, I didn't want to walk for long and 適当な店に入ってみたら、すごく酷くてびっくりした。福岡で酷い店にあたったのが初めて、というよりもむしろ、いままでで一番ヤバいうちのひとつという感じ。I wonder how they can make things such bad. It's rather incredible. 気を取り直して、I visited Azyto, a Sake bar at Tenjin which I've liked since I visited for the first time, about 3 year ago.

As soon as I backed to the hotel, started reading 三国志 by 吉川英治 from where I left yesterday evening. It's quite intriguing and free to read thanks to 青空文庫's contribution. 三国志とか戦国時代とか、はたまた幕末の志士のような、コーエイのゲーム感のある歴史ものってあんまり触れてこなかったのだけど、I recognised that it is interesting as history.